WirelessDealer.ca: We build websites for Wireless Dealers.

We currently serve over 90 clients across Canada from the Wireless industry.


Clients range from having 1 single store location to over 150 across Canada.


We build sites in English and French.


Wireless dealers using our Corporate Ordering system have placed over 320,000 orders to date. That number is growing at 40% per year.


Online ordering is convenient and saves time. If your clients aren't ordering their wireless devices online today, they will probably be thinking of it tomorrow.

Let us show you how you can get your clients ordering online in a matter of weeks!

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We provide Phone & Rate Plan content for all of Canada's cellular providers.


Your Wireless Dealer website is always current because our technology automatically updates phones and rate plans as soon as they are brought to market.



These companies run on WirelessDealer. Shouldn't you?
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